Donate to the Boycott Protection Fund!

The Living Stipend Movement is now seeking donations for our Boycott Protection Fund! You can now contribute to the Fund by sending a donation via Cash App to the cashtag $UBBoycottFund. Although the boycott is still ongoing, we’re collecting these donations well ahead of time so we can reimburse boycotters in case our university continues to ignore our demands and the boycott has to end (meaning the late fees need to be paid).

In the interest of keeping everything streamlined, transparent, and simple as possible, we’re not accepting donations through means other than Cash App. If you really want to donate but you cannot use Cash App, let us know and we’ll try to figure something out. However, we’d strongly prefer to keep everything within the app.

Even if you’re unable to contribute, please spread the word about the Fund! We’d like to raise as much money as possible – it’ll be much better to overshoot our goal and have to give back large refunds than undershoot and not have enough to cover late fees.